Creating an ‘about webiste’ for Samskara Learning

Client Name: Samskara Learning


  • Ensure accessible information architecture for easy content discovery by several unique audiences
  • Align visual elements and storytelling with refreshed branding while improving user navigation
  • Build out a powerful section for adding courses.
  • Improve organic SEO search results and boost overall conversion
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS


Samskara Learning came to us at an exciting time for their business – they were redesigning and restructuring their business, so their website’s creativity needed to be completely realigned. This included a rebrand with a new logo and new brand positioning.

This was a fun website redesign because the new look and feel were totally open to being explored. Our big goal was to craft a visually rich design that was able to present their complex analytics product in a simple, enticing way.



Samskara Learning had their softly colorful new branding locked in, and it was up to us to create a design that fully utilized it. The overall site needed to be minimal and to the point, providing the content they need to market their business online.



The site has a much stronger appeal to all the potential learners (their target audience). It clearly communicates the conversion-driving content about features while still evoking a social vibe. A visitor to the site can instantly tell what they are and how it would benefit their learning, and there are obvious paths to help guide potential customers through the funnel.

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