Creating an Implementing a Robust Ecommerce Solution for thehallyustore

Client Name: thehallyustore


  • Improve brand and online reach through branded storytelling more aligned with current brand values.
  • Create an Ecommerce system backed by Woocommerce.
  • Improve overall site architecture and navigation to enable easier browsing and a more frictionless experience.
  • Create a more user-friendly and more visual product and services areas with improved navigation and filtering.
  • Implement deeper features and capabilities content to improve trust and credibility for boosted conversions.
  • Establish SEO foundations for future growth and leverage organic search traffic to add lead generation.
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS.


thehallyustore is a an India – Korea based store know for bringing authentic kpop, kdrama, koreanstationery & much more koreangoods for every Hallyu! They asked to keep their website and its content simple, but they had recognized a need to improve their digital strategy and content marketing.

This web development + design project was driven by content strategy: creating an engaging eCommerce site, and deepening its existing content for both search and user experience. We wanted to provide more opportunities for visitors to get to know about thehallyustore. The update also included creating unique experiences for customers all over the world, but especially in India.


thehallyustore website design included a slight brand repositioning. The logo, colors, and typography needed to change, and the overall style needed to be updated to match their fresh new website. The objective was to keep the website simple to stay true to their passion for Hallyu culture while adding vibrant splashes of color, minimal design, and more easy user experience.


thehallyustore website feels youthful and fun! We were able to use WordPress and Woocommerce to deliver the best experience to their customers. The content strategy is significantly stronger, with improved navigation between products and an easy and user-friendly eCommerce system. Their brand storytelling is further elevated through Instagram marketing and various other campaigns.

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